Cash on Delivery

Cash on Delivery


Cash on delivery by Standard Solutions to all over G.C.C. is designed to promote opportunities for exploring the global consumer market without needing to leave the comfort of one’s office anymore. Cash on delivery services means that the cash collected against the order will be collected upon delivery and has a facility of re-forwarding it securely and safely within 7 days.


Complimentary Pickup

We offer free complimentary Pickup service from your doorstep. You may also choose to drop off your parcels yourself or schedule a pick-up with us.

Dedicated Client Support

Our committed client support department is always there to help you to enhance your experience of working with us. Got a query? No worries, just give us a call!

Free of charge Flyers

We provide free of charge Flyers to our Cash on Delivery clients in order to ensure that your items are packaged properly and securely.

Parcel Re-forward Facility

We offer our clients "Parcel Re-forward" option, in case if the parcel is/are refused or rejected by the customer RGS then allows the parcel to be held in its warehouse for a specific amount of time, enabling the client to re-sell and forward it to another customer of the similar nature.

Fastest 7 Days Payment Cycle

We have one of the shortest payment cycles of 7 days only. Clients are paid off for their successfully delivered Cash on delivery parcels within a week's period.


International COD Tariff


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How does it work?

Cash on delivery or COD for short is a service which does not require the customer to pay any money upfront or advance. The customer pays when they get the parcel.

You should definitely go for it as it has great potential to increase your income and grow your business. And if you work with RGS, we provide you with COD services all over the Middle East. So what are you waiting for, start your business with RGS now!

It works simply as when you hand over the parcel to us, we send it to the intended destination. After it is delivered and we get the amount, we will hand it over to you after deducting our charges.

RGS helps you in various ways when it comes to expanding your business overseas. We provide you with the best service and timely payment cycles so you keep growing.

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